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ColSpace Software

ColSpace is a collaboration software company we have been working with for several years. They used jdgimzek design to create and update the design of their flagship software product, cotrexpro.

We also designed their logo's and corporate id.

Their websites we didn't do - although we did do some comps.

CortexPro Iconography
cortexpro icons
we built a ton of icons for the CortexPro collaboration software package - everything from upload and download to user contacts. each one adheres to a palette and overall look and feel.
Click here to see a small sampling.

online collaboration software

   our team has created interface design and information architecture for cortexpro, a collabortive web-based software package. we also use it for our extranet.

see screen shots of a variety of user defined 'skins' for the product or
sign up for a free 30-day trial of CortexPro to see the software in action.

   ColSpace developed this custom BMW Media Management System used to track creative assets and executions worldwide.

to get rolling on this project, we perused both bmw's vast corporate ID and standards 'blue book' and their current software and website offernings to establish this brand specific look and feel.

   another of ColSpace's extranet projects was really MAGIC: McDonald's Advertising and Global Integrated Communications.

This extranet tracked and managed far more than just creatives and advertising buys - and was in fact integreal in bringing McDonald's 21st century branding campaigns to a worldwide audience.

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corporate identity

Colspace's old logo was kind of outdated, and we went through a great deal of concepts and ideas before design its replacement.
The main graphic is a stylized computer screen, with the arrows signaling information passing back and forth from the user into the "collaborative space". The font is bold, solid and modern, the stroke thinkness allowing the word to be read 'Col Space'. The coloring of the final "E" tied the whole package together and allows for further branding when the logomark itself is not used.

This font and logomark idea is carried through for the logos for each of colspace's products.

Cortex is the Colspace corporation's main product, an online collaborative workspace.

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