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American Express

American Express decided their very old and little used e-commerce site for cardmembers - - needed an upgrade. The challange was simple: create a best-of-breed, web 2.0, cardmember-centric and customizable e-commerce site that leveraged AmEx's vast array of merchents to create value.

Ok, so maybe not that simple.

What did we do? Implemented the visual power of the AmEx brand, redefined search and compare interactions, built an AJAX shopping cart, wrangled hundred's of merchants and thousands of products, and looked good doing it.

e-commerce website redesign

   By creating this flash demo of the site functionality, based on our earlier wa lkthrough script we used in early user focus groups, we were able to explain complicated site AJAX functionality to the stakeholders, client executives and the thrid party technology contractor.
The functionality in this demo is limited, but highlights include:
  • Personalized Main Menu
  • Rollovers for Home Page Mechandising
  • Search Results: type 'polo' in the search field to see interactive results - you can click the "i" icon on the red shirt to see the expanded view, then once that is open, click "add to compare" icon to add the shirt to the comparison tray at the top [fake ajax magic!].
  • Finally click the "view prices and buy" shopping cart icon to see the individual product page, where you can Add to Cart with more AJAX action.

   One of the most important parts of any e-commerce site is the Checkout Path - and with the complications of the heavily personalized American Express merchant partnership model, each step had to be clearly delineated.

Part of the way we acheived this in the interface design was using the orange motif of "personalization bar" to label and count down the steps, then having a clear bright green action button on each step.

   The new e-commerce site was designed to be modular and template based, so that various page layouts for different types of retail editorial could be easily implemented by production designers but keep a consistant over all site brand.

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